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New Casinos dedicates this section to present you the latest bonuses in the Australian market. Not only will you find the free bonuses that come right after your registration, but also all of these that reward your online gaming. Deposit bonuses, cash back offers, VIP awards are some of the benefits that you will find below.

One of the features introduced by online casinos that players are fully enjoying, is the wide array of bonuses, which are offered at different Internet casinos and bookmakers. Compared to the time when the high-end brick and mortar casinos were enjoying their heyday, the modernized online casino experience gives players different perks and more ways to win without necessarily having to spend huge sums of money. In fact, it’s now possible for players to win huge sums of money without having to spend anything at all.

The increase in the number of online casinos globally has also seen an increase in the competition for the available customers. This factor has greatly influenced the number of bonus promotions and casino services online. While the internet casinos vary in features, services and bonus offers, it is often some of the bonus offers mentioned below that determine how players sign up at the sites.

At New Casinos, we’ve taken the time to take you through some of these ever-changing bonus promotions that you will come across the different websites from time to time. Further, we ensure that you are always up to speed with the latest casino promotions, thanks to our well-informed team that keeps updating our pages with the latest bonus promotion changes in the industry. If you are also having a difficult time deciding which online casino to visit, you’ll be pleased to know that we have dedicated pages which review new internet casinos based on the bonus offers, mobile games, promotions among other categories.

Casino Bonuses

Nearly all the new online casinos offer their new players a spur to sign up by dangling money in the form of free bets and bonuses once they’ve completed the registration process. The bonuses are usually divided into the no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, cash back bonus, VIP loyalty bonus and other bonuses, which result from ongoing promotions and offers at the site. Let’s have a look at the aforementioned bonuses in details, shall we?

The No Deposit Bonus

Also referred to as the After Registration Bonus, it is offered to players once they successfully sign up at the online casino free of charge. You read it right! Casinos offer free bonus in the form of free spins and free money. Usually, this bonus is divided into the Free Spins and Free Money bonus, and varies from 10 up to 100 spins and 10AUD up to 50AUD depending on the online casino you decide to visit. In case you are wondering how much you need to have to get the bonus, you’ll be interested to know that the no deposit casino bonus is absolutely free. Any person who qualifies to sign up at any of the casinos is automatically guaranteed to receive this bonus. Take note that some casino give players the bonus with free of wagering requirements. This means that you can withdraw any winnings made by the bonus immediately. However, some may limit this promotion up to specific amount of money.

The Deposit Bonus

Also, goes by the name “Welcome Bonus”.  Unlike the no deposit bonus, you’ll be awarded the deposit bonus once you make a certain qualifying deposit into your account. This bonus is usually given in the form of a certain percentage of the deposit you make up to a maximum amount and some times it is combined with some Bonus Spins. For example, if an online casino offers you a 100% match deposit bonus up to 100AUD and 50 Bonus Spins to play for free. It means you’ll be awarded bonus money that is equivalent to your first deposit up to the maximum amount capped at 100AUD. If you deposit 50AUD, the casino will offer you an extra 50AUD. Likewise, if you deposit AUD100, you’ll be offered with a welcome bonus of 100AUD. However, if you deposit 150AUD, you’ll only be awarded 100AUD since this is the maximum amount you can receive in bonus money.

It’s also important to note that while most of the new on line casinos will offer you a first-time deposit, others have a tendency of splitting the bonus in different continuous bonuses. This is usually referred to as the ongoing deposit bonus and normally comes in the form of a first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus or third deposit bonus.

The Cashback Bonus

This is a bonus promotion that you’ll rarely find at the new online casinos mainly due to the amount of money involved. The promotion uses an opposite approach to the welcome bonus. While you are awarded bonus money for making deposits in the deposit bonus promotion, the cashback promotion works to reimburse you a certain percentage of your expenditure at the site. This means that you can win or lose when playing at the site but still get reimbursed by the site. This bonus is called for Cash Back on Wagering. Be aware that there is another version of cash back bonus that rewards you only on the money you lose and not on the money you play.

How does the cash back promotion work?

If an online casino has, for instance, a 20% cash back promotion on 100AUD spent offer, you will be awarded 20% of what you spend at the site regardless of whether you win or lose but only if you spend the minimum 100AUD set. Therefore, if for example, you’ve spent 300AUD playing at the site, you’ll be awarded 20AUD irrespective of whether you’ve won or lost since the cash back bonus only covers you up to a maximum of 100AUD.

The VIP Loyalty Bonuses

These are bonuses that you get to enjoy once you are enrolled in a casino’s VIP Loyalty Program. While most of the online casinos automatically enrol players to a VIP program, some have the “Invites Only” policy, where they invite players who they see fit and qualified to join their VIP program. Different VIP levels have different perks with those high in the chain enjoying exclusive offers and bonuses as compared to those located down the chain. For instance, they will enjoy better bonus offers such as birthday bonuses, anniversary bonuses, and as if this isn’t enough, they’ll be awarded bonuses to play newly released casino slots games which will be availed to the other players later.

One important fact, however, is to enrol or sign up with an online casino that offers you a personalised VIP account. Such an account will have a manager who will always keep you up to tabs with all the aforementioned bonus promotions as well as advice you on the best promotion to participate in.

Bonuses resulting from ongoing promotions

One thing that you’ll notice at the online casinos we recommend is that promotions are usually recurring. These promotions, which are aimed at rewarding you, come with different bonus promotions. In most cases, they will include most of the mentioned bonus offers in addition to high roller bonuses, and refer a friend bonus. With these bonuses, you can easily play and win real money.

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