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Here at this section you will literally be schooled. It does not matter whether you are an avid casino player or a newbie. You will gain knowledge and receive tips that will broaden your mind and help you evolve your online casino gaming. Stay with us and be updated about the entire casino industry.

Casino school

Get familiar with the online casino games

Access to Casino School section is highly recommended when you find yourself hesitant to select your online gaming activity field. Here at New Casinos we will try to provide you with the essential knowledge and information about the online casino games and their developers as well as offer you the proper guidance on which games to play and how to make the most out of them.

You will easily then, figure out which game categories suit your style of play while you will know which of them are the most popular and money promising. We will refer to the origin and we will elaborate on the anatomy of each casino game. Furthermore, there will be instructions and tips on how to bet and play with a view to a positive outcome. You will also be posted about the winnings that you can gain and lastly, we will cite the advantages and disadvantages of playing on a certain game or category.

To be more specific and overview each casino game category, we would like to highlight the most popular of them, online slots, which is subcategorized in others like the video slots, the classic slots and the 3D ones. We will be in constant quest to present you the most popular and the newest slots. You will learn how to recognize the reels, the lines and the symbols while you will be aware of their volatility, the RTP (Return To Player) and which of them offer free spins.

To continue with another very common category, we will discover the world of table games that is a literally significant one among all players who seek for a little competition. You will get to know the different types of roulette, the various card games like baccarat, blackjack and poker as well as the craps casino game.

To go on briefly with the other categories, we will come across the progressive jackpots and we will observe which games offer the highest pots. We will encounter the video poker, the fun scratch cards, the arcade games, the keno and the bingo ones that often come along with specialized bingo sites. There will also be reference to the virtual games that attract many sports fans.

To sum up the game categories, there will be extended emphasis on a rapidly developing gaming section, the Live Casino. We will introduce you to the high-tech games and will try to get you familiar with the real life casino environment.

Stressing out the importance of testing for free a particular online casino game before you play for real money, we will mention the casinos and the developers that provide this useful feature. Speaking of developers, we will extensively review almost all of the software companies that provide the online casinos with their latest products and advancements. As a result, you will distinguish which game developer specializes on each game category and you will choose the casino game you like accordingly.

Last but not least will come the Mobile Casino games that are becoming the norm especially for punters that are constantly on the go. You will be able to recognize those of great graphics looking perfect on any screen size. It is the latest trend for software developers to specialize in bringing out games that can be supported by any operating system and enjoyed on any mobile device.

What Type of Casino Player Are You?

There are all sorts of people from all across the world who enjoy playing online casino games and of course there are many types of casino game players out there. From raw beginners to hard-nosed pro players, they each have a recognizable gaming policy and preference. Let’s take a look at some of the more common casino game players you will encounter, and maybe you will recognize yourself among them. Find out your player type and get tips on how to get to the next level.

Risk management & Bankroll management

The most important thing to remember when playing online casino is to never risk more than you can afford to loose. The second most important thing is bankroll management.
›› Learn all about Bankroll management

The best Casino Slots

The best casino slots and casino games to play are the ones with as high RTP as possible. The highest RTP value is 100 (corresponding to 100%).
›› How to find the best casino games

Examples of slot buttons and their functionality

Are you a beginner in slots? Here we showcase a couple of different popular games such as Starburst and X, while explaining what the different buttons means and how it’s all connected. Learn about the most common buttons and how slot machines work in general.

Casino Jackpots

Learn how to find the casino games with the highest jackpots right now and which ones to play if you want a piece of it.
›› Which casino jackpot is the best one?

Play Roulette as an Expert

There are a few basic things to remember when playing Roulette online.
›› How to play roulette and become a winner

Etiquette when playing casinos online

Knowing the etiquette when playing casinos online is just as important if it’s a player to player chat or if it’s in a live casino room.
›› Learn the jargong and how to behave when chatting in the casino rooms

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