One of the world’s favourite casino card games, and looks set to remain that way in the digital age. It offers excitement, thrills and a simple format that takes only seconds to learn. Apply basic Blackjack strategy and this game can prove very rewarding, as it has one of the lowest house edges of any online casino game.

Blackjack has long been one of the most popular games on offer in casinos around the world, and the same is true for the online version of the game. Every online casino will offer at least one version of this game, and you can expect to find ten, twenty or even thirty variations of this casino table game classic on offer at bigger online casinos. Test your skills in a head to head battle versus the dealer where players can use skill as well as luck to win large sums of money in games of online blackjack. The classic game of Blackjack has remained popular for hundreds of years thanks to the simplicity of its game-play and the rewards on offer to skillful players.


Online Blackjack is a heads up battle of player versus dealer, with the winnings going to whichever has a hand value closest to the score of 21 without going bust by exceeding that total. All face card count as 10 points, with Aces counting as 1 or 11 at the discretion of the player, with the other cards having their pip value. Two cards are dealt to player and dealer, with only one of the dealer’s cards visible. It is this visible card which allows the player to gauge the best move to make in order to form a winning hand. After the cards are dealt the player must decide whether to ‘hit’, take a card, or ‘stand’, end the turn without taking another card.

Another option which may be available to the player is to ‘split’ – when two of the same cards are dealt – meaning that the player can now play two separate hands against the dealer. The option to ‘double’ may also be offered, whereby the player doubles his stake and takes just one further card. As both of these options involve an extra outlay of cash by the player they should be used with caution.

Knowledge of basic Blackjack strategy can teach you which option to take in any given situation, and by following the correct strategy players can greatly increase their chance of success. After the player has completed his turn it is the dealers turn to act. The pot goes to whichever person has a hand closest to 21 without going over, but it is important to note that the dealer must stand on a score of 17 or more, and – more importantly – must hit on 16 or less, which can offer a winning advantage to the player.


Online casinos offer multiple variations of this venerable game these days, with plenty of exciting variations on the standard version of Blackjack. Here are just a few of the alternative Blackjack games you can encounter online:
– Perfect Blackjack: A version of the standard game which offers an interesting side game for additional betting opportunities. Play the main game as normal, and place bets on whether your or the dealer’s first two cards will make a pair to earn extra cash.
– Blackjack Switch: A devious game where you play two hands at the same time, with the option to switch the top card of each hand to improve on both your hands and beat the dealer.
– Blackjack Surrender: It offers all the fun and excitement of the original, but in this version of the game you get the option to cut your losses and run. You can back out before the dealer turns his second card and keep half of your stake.
– Blackjack Double Exposure: It takes some of the mystery out of the game by exposing both of the dealer’s cards, meaning that a whole new strategy is required when playing this game.


Unlike many casino games, Blackjack is not just a game of luck and requires some strategic play on the part of the player. While it may be tempting to follow your gut rather than your head, in the long run following the statistical best bets will provide greater rewards. Lets take a look at some of the more important winning strategies in our three Pro Tips below:
– Pair of Aces or 8s: Any time you are dealt a hand of them the best play is always to split, regardless of the dealer’s hand, as you have a much better chance of winning with two separate hands.
– Hand total of 9, 10 or 11: Always double if you have this total and when is greater than the dealer’s visible card.
– Never split a pair of tens: It may seem like a great way to double your money, but you are throwing away a probable winning hand of 20 and may end up with two junk hands in exchange.
– Counting cards: It may be a widely recognized strategy in Blackjack, but one with limited opportunities for success in the online version of the game. Cards are randomized after every hand in online virtual games, so counting cards will be of no use to you in these games. The only time that card counting may come in handy is when playing Live Casino dealer games of Blackjack, but even then this method is far from a guarantee of success.

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