Craps is a game that gives new players the heebie-jeebies, as the table looks very complicated to the rookie player. And it’s true that there are plenty of dangerous bets which can leave you walking away from the table with an empty wallet. However, as we have seen there are also plenty of great value bets available at the online Craps table and if you stick to these you will stand a great chance of making a profit.

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Craps is one of those casino games which everybody is familiar with – either from the movies or from seeing it played in brick and mortar casinos – but which surprisingly few people fully understand. Even experienced casino players will often steer clear of this game, dissuaded by the complex-looking table full of bets that looks like the most complicated board game in the world. However, once you start to understand just how this dice game works you will discover that it offers some of the best value bets you will find anywhere in the casino – as well as some very poor value bets to trip up the inexperienced! In this article we are going to try to steer you towards those great betting opportunities while avoiding the pit-falls of this exciting table game.


Craps is at heart a game of chance, since you are relying on the outcome of the world’s oldest random number generator: the dice. Two of them, in fact, as a pair of dice are thrown every round and their total score determines whether you win or lose. What that means in practice is that the bets you choose to make will go a long way to determining whether you win or lose at the Craps table, so we are going to take a closer look at some of those bets.

The main bet in Craps is called the ‘Pass Line’ which has a house edge of less than 1.5%, making it one of the best bets you can make in an online casino. Once you place your chip on the ‘Pass Line’ section of the board you will double your money as long as you roll 7 or 11 before you roll 2, 3 or 12; this is called the ‘Come Out’ roll. If you roll any other number then you move onto the ‘Point’ round, and if this number is rolled in the next roll of the dice then you will win at differing odds depending on the number in question and how likely it is to be rolled. So let’s say that you place $5 on the Pass Line and roll an 8. Your $5 chip is now moved to the number ‘8’ and if this is rolled before a 7 (because 7’s are now the enemy in the Point round) then you will win. Just by knowing this Pass Line bet you are good to go and can start making cash money at the Craps tables, as this is a great value bet and avoids any of the messy bad bets where newbie players lose all of their chips. But we are going to be taking a look at some other bets in our Pro Tips where you can get even better value.


While playing Craps offers some fantastic value bets to players, it also offers some of the WORST bets in the casino, with a house edge as big as a staggering 16.7%. That is why it pays to know what you are doing before approaching the Craps table, and we are going to point out some of the bets you definitely need to avoid when playing this game.

– Sig Six/Eight: Betting on one of these numbers to show up before the 7 generally does not pay off as the house edge is over 9%.
– Craps: This is a bet on 2, 3 or 12 showing up before the 7 and gives the house a nice 11.1% edge.
– Horn: This means that you bet on 2, 3, 11 and 12 being rolled before the 7 and with real odds of 35-1 it only pays out 30-1; that makes for a massive house edge of 13.9%.
– Any Seven: Betting on a seven to be rolled pays odds of 4-1, but with its real probability of 5-1 this is the worst bet you can make in Craps and one of the worst in any casino game.

As you can see, there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary Craps player, but in the following section we will show you how to maximize your chances of success at this crafty dice game.


As we have seen, one of the best bets in Craps – and indeed anywhere in the casino – are the Pass and Come bets (or their opposites, the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets, which are exactly what they sound like). If you only play those bets and ignore everything else on the Craps table then you stand a very good chance of success, and your only real challenge will be to be able to walk away from the table at the optimal moment when your profits are at their highest. However, there is another bet to be found on the Craps tables which offers such good value to the players that it is not even marked on the board because the casinos don’t want to encourage you to make the wager. We are going to show you how to make that bet in our below:

There is just one bet to be found in the casino which offers a 0% house edge, and you can make that unique bet at the Craps tables. This is called the Odds Bet, and is such a good deal for players that the casinos don’t even want to advertise the fact that it exists by marking it on the table. It works like this: After you roll a Point and then make your next Pass Line bet, you are allowed to place multiples of that bet (often x3 or x4 the bet size, depending on the casino) on the line behind it. If the Point is rolled again before the 7 then you win your Odds bet as well as your Point bet. The bet is paid out at true odds, meaning that the odds of a 4 or 10 (for example) being rolled are 2 to 1 and that is exactly what you will win on your Odds Bet if your number comes up. Any time you play on an online casino your should max out your Odds Bet to maximize your chance of profits.

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