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There are a world of online gaming opportunities out there, so why not take advantage of one of the many lucrative opening bonus offers around to start playing for real money at an online casino today, and discover what type of casino player you really are.

There are 100 of millions that playing on online casinos every day and all of them have a few common things. Those common characteristics allows us to group them into just a handful of player types. By sorting all those online casino players into 6 categories helps us to understand them better which gives us the opportunity to advice them with tips on how they can develop their skills and become better casino players.

There are many ways to enjoy the thrills and spills of real money online casino play, and if you are serious about profiting from casino gaming then a little application will take you from clueless beginner to canny bettor within a couple of months. Let’s take a look at some of the more common casino game players you will encounter, and maybe you will recognize yourself among these descriptions:


The first-time visitor to an online casino can be dazzled and somewhat intimidated by the range of different games on offer. After signing up to a new online casino, the beginner will typically try a selection of small bets on lots of different games without a particular plan in mind. This is where the benefit of a casino opening bonus can be wasted, as inexperienced players use up their precious bonus funds on non-qualifying games, or squander it by making random bets on table games that they don’t really understand. Often the beginner will settle on a video slot game with a theme they can identify with, or else stick to the familiar casino classics like roulette and blackjack.


The Gamer is an expert on all things slots related, and could tell you everything you need to know about the games which offer the most lucrative bonus rounds, and which games are too tight with their payouts. This type of casino player enjoys the thrills of the spins, and will often gravitate towards progressive jackpot games in the hopes of hitting the big prize. A gamer can happily spend hours on a favorite slot game, enjoying the ups and downs of the gaming action without worrying too much about whether he finishes with a profit or a loss.


The casual player is the person who clicks on his mobile casino app to while away twenty minutes or so in the dentist’s waiting room. He has varied gaming interests, and can flit from slot games to scratch-cards to live dealer table games as the mood dictates. This player will deposit $20 or so and happily play through it over time, maybe not making another deposit for a month or so. For the casual player a visit to the online casino is all about the enjoyment of playing with the buzz of knowing that real money prizes are at stake, but he may go weeks without opening his account unless a particular promotion tempts him to try a favorite game.


For some (usually older) players there is simply no substitute for a visit to their nearest land based casino. This player may be a little hesitant to open an online casino account, or perhaps simply does not trust the virtual games in comparison to the machines and gaming tables on offer at the local casino. Of course a visit to a bricks and mortar casino offers the chance to absorb all the sights and sounds, to enjoy a glass of wine and to chat with the guy on the next stool. As newer generations grow ever more comfortable with carrying out their lives online, and the online casinos offer immersive options like live dealer casino, the bricks and mortar players may well become a dwindling species over the next few years.


The pro player is at the casino to make money, not to make friends. He is interested in the bottom line and chooses his games accordingly, staying clear of slot games and sticking to table games and video poker titles which offer the best chances of success. The pro likes to take advantage of value bets at the craps table, and plays the varieties of blackjack and roulette that offer the best return, ignoring all the extra features that attract the casual brigade. The professional player sets a playing budget before sitting down to play, and sticks to it, keeping a careful tally of wins and losses on spreadsheets to ensure that he is maximizing his game play. This type of player is all about the money, and will often sign up with a multitude of casinos to take advantage of their opening bonus offers.


The high roller is a player who enjoys playing high stakes games, and plays for the adrenalin rush that the turn of a card with thousands at stake can provide. Favoring fast-paced high action games like Baccarat and Roulette, this player loves the live dealer option as a way to heighten the excitement of a big money game. The one on one versus the dealer is the most enjoyable challenge for the deep-pocketed player, although they can be known to spend an hour or two making max bets on jackpot slot games as well. This player is more about the thrill of the chase than the bottom line.

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