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When it comes to upcoming companies that develop online casino software, very few cover areas of technology as ELK Studios. Furthermore, none offers technological innovations in the online casino industry and brings new concepts and ideas to the industry like ELK. All the casino games created by ELK Studios are developed using the latest and best technology, a factor that has seen them attract the attention of both players and online casinos.

At New Casinos LTD, we’ve dedicated this page to provide you with all the information about ELK Studios and expound briefly on some of the important services and games that you will come across in the ELK Casinos located globally. Read on to learn more.

ELK Studios Overview

Wild Toro Game Random ScreenshotELK Studios is one of the new companies in the online casino industry, that focuses on developing online casino games optimized for mobile use. The company was founded in 2012 with its objective being to continuously develop the best of breed online mobile casino games. It offers state of the art and value added solutions to all its online casinos. As an online casino software developing company, ELK Studios has managed to succeed mainly because of the strong partnership that they have managed to establish with the online casinos and various entertainment brands that they power.

Furthermore, their products can be fully integrated into a cross-platform offering, a factor that has enabled players to access their services and products through mobile and PC using a single account.

ELK Studios also meets all the regulatory rules set in some recognised gambling jurisdictions where they hold a license such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. To ensure that they keep a high profile and continue to excel, they only partner with highly reputable and recognised online casino operators that are looking to offer more diversity, especially in the mobile sector or are looking to upgrade their game portfolio.


What follows now is an overview of some of the casino games and services offered by ELK Studios. The products are easily integrated into one another as well as incorporated into existing systems to ensure that you have the best online casino gaming experience.

Casino Games

Poltava Online Slot By ELK StudiosGiven the fact that the company is still very young, its game portfolio is limited to a handful of online casino games. This, however, has been compensated for with how the company develops their games. Using advanced mathematical models and superb graphics, they surely deliver quality slots games.

Some of the notable games produced by ELK Studios include DJ WÏLD, Electric SAM, Bloopers and Poltava. Other titles include Wild Toro, Taco Brothers, Champion’s Goal, and The Lab. All these casino games are easily accessible through different mobile devices.

Mobile Services

ELK Studios believe that mobile devices are a great way to play casino games. Further, they believe that most of the online casino players would rather use the flexibility of playing casino games via their mobile devices instead of having to stick in front of their computers. Coming to think about it, I find it amazing on how convenient it is for me to play or access various casino services through mobile devices. And, to ELK Studios, they seem to have figured out that we all need games that have been optimised and customised for play through mobile as they’ve done exactly the same to ensure that. The result is that you can now play the ELK Studios Casino Games on a mobile device that has a small screen size, less system performance and limitation to the battery life and still get to enjoy the game as if you were playing on a PC.

ELK Studio Betting Strategies & Game On Feature

The betting strategy is a feature, which allows the company’s software to create a predefined betting strategy depending on your preference so that it can automatically alter bet-levels depending on your pre-set rules. This feature is optional, and you can always play your games without using it.

The other feature is the “Game On” one, which is automatically activated when you’ve placed 25 bets. Through this feature, you have an opportunity of winning free spins. From my experience, the Game On feature is more of a loyalty program and is aimed at rewarding you for spending your time and money at the site.


As already mentioned, ELK Studios is one of the newest online casino software developing companies. Having been founded in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, the company is already proving that they can greatly be relied on. They’ve already managed to develop some remarkable online casino games and invented the unique Betting Strategies and Game On features that are unique to ELK Studios Casino. At New Casinos, we’ve prepared an extensive list of some of the virtual casinos they power.

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