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Players today live and play in a world without limitations and so do online casino software companies. Your user experience at various online casinos should be the same regardless of the casino games or services you access, where you access them from, when you play the games or whatever device you use to play the games with. The word used to describe this in the online casino industry is omnichannel.

An omni-channel casino is one that has all the stated features and one company known for delivering all this is GreenTube. Thanks to the company, you can now play any game you wish on any platform and on any mobile device using a single password and username. GreenTube software offers online casinos and its players with an all-in-one, anytime, anywhere gaming experience across various channels, any products and any mobile device using one account.

GreenTube’s Web Platform

GreenTube Pro PlatformGreenTube’s web platform is one that has been designed to integrate content and deliver an unrivalled experience for both the players and online casinos. The web platform allows the casino operators to completely control the website’s content and functionality including full content management support and all the tools that the management requires to customise their front-end solutions across any device and channel.

The platform features a cross-platform support, which features desktop, tablet and mobile devices and it is fully integrated into GreenTube’s player management system and other products that have been fully optimised to allow for an all-in-one offering and online casino experience.

The instant play vs. downloadable client

In most cases, GreenTube online casinos provide their players with two options; the instant play and the download option. GreenTube’s download option enables the players to download the casino’s application and install it to their PC or Mac. This download option usually comes with a number of advantages including a huge number of casino games as well as enabling you to receive notifications direct to your desktop.

The instant play option, on the other hand, gives players who don’t have enough space on their devices or those who have devices that haven’t met the minimum requirements to skip the installation step and directly play the casino games straight from their browsers. This allows for greater flexibility as you can easily access your account and play from various mobile devices and PC using a single password.

Gametube’s risk management and fraud prevention

According to a recent research, it was deduced that the online casino industry is one of the fastest growing and most profitable business to venture in with billions of dollars generated annually by players from all over the world. The good news is that analysts predict that the industry is set to grow further thanks to the opening of new jurisdictions and new technologies. As this industry grows, so does the number of fraudsters who are eager to pounce on unsuspecting customers and players.

However, thanks to companies such as GreenTube, online casinos can now depend on their tools and expertise to help them combat fraudsters and prevent their websites from unnecessary turbulence. They have top tier risk management tools that help casinos monitor deposits and withdrawals, track a player’s activity and provide the casino management with automated alerts of any suspicious activities.

Casino Games

Las Vegas Fever Game By GreenTubeWhen you explore GreenTube’s game portfolio, you’ll find that they maintain high quality throughout their titles. The titles vary from epic games such as the Book of Ra; a game inspired by the wealth that is hidden in Egyptian temples, all waiting for you to discover them in a thrilling adventure. Furthermore, it includes other online casino games such as Las Vegas Fever, Kingdom of Legend, Autumn Queen among other titles.

Customer Support

Customer support doesn’t mean just a couple of word written at the online casino’s website. In the online casino industry, customer support services are often more important as compared to the impressive website design or a number of cool but unnecessary features.

Customer support services is a feature that GreenTube Software company seem to have mastered as they offer email and phone support 24/7, which are provided by highly trained, experienced and professional agents. The support team takes the casino by the hand right from the moment they launch, through their operation time. If need be, the company offers extended services to players especially when it comes to software issues.

In short, GreenTube’s world is impressive, and it is ever expanding. The company is not only creators of online casino games, but they are also players with love and passion for online slots games.

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