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Leander Software Developer

Leander Games is an independent online casino software developing company aiming at delivering innovative slots games. The company was founded in 2009 and operates in 20+ languages, as well as offering different currencies. The company is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has developed some of the most popular slots games including Octopus Kingdom and Khepri. Due to the quality of their casino games and service delivery, Leander Games has had an opportunity to work with big companies such as WMS, Net Entertainment and IGT.

A robust online casino software

Leander At EGR B2B Awards 2016Leander Games has software that offers a stable platform for business of different levels and scale. Usually, most of the operators faced with a problem of having platforms that restrict the number of players who can concurrently play at a go – and if this number is exceeded with a couple of thousands, the system might grind to a halt, which is a surefire way for such operators to get a bad reputation. In such a situation, most operators opt to upgrade such software, which may never be the solution, as the software company may not be scalable and limited to a single server. However, with Leander Games’ productive capacity of their scalable gaming platform, online casinos can easily support any number of players thanks to their technical team who can add extra servers to allow the casinos to reach the desirable number of concurrent online players.

Mobile Gaming

In the coming years, the online casino is going to witness a new era for the mobile market as the usage of mobile devices continues to exert further pressure on the online casino industry. According to the industry focus, mobile gaming activities are set to surpass the use of all other applications. With the ever-shifting demand for the online casinos and players as technology continues to advance, the industry is transforming rapidly. Operators truly began exploiting mobile casino gaming in 2012, with the fastest and largest market expectations being in this section, and therefore, for Leander Games, this is one area that they’ve focused on developing.

Having sufficient experience in online slots software development, Leander Games now has several slots games in its name. They launched their slots games applications on Android devices first as compared to the iOS platform as usage of Android continues to grow as compared to the iOS. The company’s client inbuilt interface has been adapted for use on mobile devices, complete with superb graphics, complimented with a touch of magic and cinematic audio.

Casino Games

Appolo God Of The Sun Online SlotAs already mentioned, Leander Games has a team of technicians with the technical know-how and extensive experience to create some of the most exciting and entertaining casino games in the market. The company designs and develops top-class and customised casino slots games, which help operators build a profitable and successful business by ensuring players come back for more of the games.

Why should you play Leander Games?

1. They offer downloadable and flash casino games
2. The games have the highest level of graphics, that can easily run on any screen resolution
3. The graphics have been complimented with professional sound effects
4. You won’t fail to miss the realistic and smooth animation

The company has a broad range of colourful online slots, which have been designed in various themes in a bid to add the desired zing to the players choice. These games have been skillfully developed with exciting animation, unique multilevel scenarios, rewarding bonus rounds among many other features. Apollo God of The Sun, Zombie Rush, Khepri, Magic Gems, Little Red, Supernova among other titles feature the above-mentioned features.

Lender Games Pros

• Different game client applications – Flash and Downloadable
• A versatile, scalable and high-speed performance software
• Mobile Casino gaming solutions
• 24/7 customer support

Lender Games Cons

• Casino games limited to online slots
• Ineffective customer support services

Leander Games is the trading name of Xterra Games Limited that is registered in the Bahamas under the registration number B160389. Founded in 2008, Leander Games possess a wealth of experience when it comes to offering tailored online casino software. They have based their software on high-performance and scalable platform, which has the capacity of functioning effectively even when there, is high-load traffic. They have a wide range of online casino solutions that are totally adaptable to the needs of their clients. A dependable online casino platform such as Leander Games with advanced and state-of-the-art features allows their clients to optimise their budgets and exceed their expectations. In short, operators get more for less!

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